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About Us

Yichang City Refine Bio-chem Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling of phytic acid and its series products. As a ISO9001 certificated company,our products have been approved by Kosher Certificate.
The Company has obtained a food production license.
The Company has one authorized invention patent.
Main products: Phytic acid (Inositol hexaphosphate),Sodium phytate,Calcium phytate,Potassium phytate and etc.. 
Phytic acid and its serial products are important organic phosphorus additives, which can be widely used in food processing, pharmacy, health care, daily chemical, metal processing, water processing, electron, electroplating, painting and other industrial areas. 
Our products’ quality is stable and pure due to advanced production equipment and perfect testing facilities and testing technology.
Products have been exported for more than 20 years.

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